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How To Hand Paint Your Kitchen

Interior Designer Julie Sargent Share Her Tips On How To Create a Beautiful Hand Painted Kitchen

Handpainted Kitchens by Julie Sargent

The kitchen has always been the social hub of the home. It needs to be a space you want to spend time in. You can easily transform your tired old kitchen to create an authentic unique look. It is a well known fact that if selling your home your kitchen can be a big selling point therefore it is important to make a statement and create a welcoming space that just might help you clinch the deal.

The most popular type of kitchens I paint are old existing wooden kitchens. Usually they are made from solid wood and are of high quality and just need a new lease of life. These kitchens are functional and work well and to replace them would be very costly.

BeforeThe process involves giving the cabinets a good scrub. Even if your kitchen is clean there is usually a build up of grease and condensation that needs to be removed with a strong degreasing agent. This ensures a sound foundation for the first coat of paint.

Over the years the older kitchens may have had some movement therefore gaps cracks, and knocks appear. These need to be filled with a flexible filler before the priming stage. It is important to use the correct primer for the correct surface. This ensures a sound foundation for the first coat of paint and helps it bind with the kitchen cabinet.

afterThe cabinets are painted using a brush and roller on site. Brushes are for smaller nooks and larger areas are painted with a mohair roller which ensure a very fine finish. The cabinets then get a light sand down in preparation for the finished top coat. Depending on the desired look the topcoat can be a matt, eggshell, satin or gloss finish.

To add the final touch to the newly transformed kitchen I would suggest replacing the old knobs/handles with new ones. Splash-back tiles can also be painted in a neutral tone to add to the effect.

Your newly painted kitchen is a budget friendly alternative which is very durable and can last for decades with just one or two touch-ups.


Interior Designer Julie Sargent specialises in Hand painted kitchens and Interiors.

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