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In Focus - Darragh Connolly Garden Care

At Wigoders we love creativity and passion! That's why we're here after all - to share our passion for interiors and help you create a beautiful home that you can enjoy year after year. 

As part of our Get Creative Campaign we've put together an In Focus section where we put our questions to creatives and designers from gardeners to painters, craftspeople to architects and more. If you'd like to get involved just get in touch and we'll get right back to you. 

 A Day In The Life of Darragh Connolly Garden Care

Darragh Connolly Garden Care

Tell us about a little bit about your business

We are a gardening business specialising in scheduled garden care with a choice of weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly & annual visits keeping your garden in great shape throughout the year. First we visit our garden to analyze your requirements & to do a 'catch up' so we can then care for the garden on an ongoing basis

What Inspires you?

Nature inspires me along with trying to do the best for my family

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?

I see my greatest achievement to date is that I can keep on going through good & bad times & always come out stronger. Building a business is hard & always you have to strive to keep pushing forward, improving, creating & sometimes reinventing yourself.

What is your greatest indulgence?

For work its tools. You cannot undertake a quality job without the correct tools for the job. For private life - bikes is a passion which keeps you fit, focused able for the work

What piece of advice would you give someone interested in starting in this field?

Never give up. Focus on one thing & become an expert in your field - no pun intended :)

What was the most stressful part about setting up in business and how did you overcome it?

To be honest, I enjoy the setting up part. You have to have clear goals to get it sorted & drive forward. The stress comes when things are not organised properly so I try to be as organised as possible, letting each team know when & are they are each day & what tasks need doing

Plans for the year ahead?

My plans for the year ahead is to keep the business progressing & getting 3 vans to capacity with quality gardens that both the clients & ourselves are proud of. We like to refine our gardens & keep improving them

Where can people find out more?

You can find us online or visit us on Facebook and Instagram - details below.

Contact Darragh Connolly for all your garden care, landscaping and garden maintenance needs

Darragh Connolly Garden Care Website
Instagram   darraghconnollygardencareltd
Telephone   0872259319

Darragh is a contributor to Wigoders offering monthly Gardening Tips and Advice - Check out his February blog here >>

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