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New Art Gallery Instore

Wigoders Welcomes the All In Art Gallery to our Store 

The All in Art Gallery opened at Wigoders on the 9th & 10th March 2019. The first exhibition featured the following artists and was a great success. Many thanks to all who attended...

The All in Art Gallery exhibits fine art, mixed media, contemporary art, graphic design and photography.

"We represent a selection of great artists from different nationalities. We always look for new individual talents. A goal of The All in Art Gallery is to represent artists and provide physical and virtual space to display their art work. Moreover we are looking to get our artists better known and increase their sales trough different promotion and display options. Our focus is on accommodating individual artists and help them get their work out there for our community to appreciate".

“Kolorystyka” by Lidia Sokolowska

Kolorystyka” by Lidia Sokolowsk

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